HORNS by Larry- Illus. Kettelkamp


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To join his other books on orchestral instruments (Drums, Rattles and Bells. Flutes, Whistles and Reeds and Singing Strings) the author/illustrator has provided a book on horns that should be brought to the attention of music and band teachers in the early grades. Once again, Mr. Kettelkamp's explanation goes back into history and primitive animal horns, shells and wooden tubes are described and generously illustrated. Early in the book, he mentions that the Romans invented a method of bending metal tubes that was lost for hundreds of years to the detriment of horn making. Readers are teased along almost to the end before he reveals the rediscovered method. On the way to it, they will have digested much information about the various shapes and tonal qualities of a variety of horns, how to make a simple horn and how to achieve a ""lip"" for horns. The book ends with a description of the horn's place in the orchestra and the balance generally maintained in the brass section. A treat for beginning musicians and students in music appreciation classes.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1964
Publisher: Morrow