THE FOUR FACES OF PEACE by Laster B. Pearson
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This collection of speeches by Canada's present Prime Minister does indeed, as Dean Acheson claims in his Foreword, offer the reader ""the opportunity to know a man very much worth knowing."" Lester Pearson is an extremely intelligent, capable, dedicated, and cultured man, and this is definitely not a grab-bag of more or less adroitly harmless equivocations often published by political figures during their lifetimes. The title is taken from the address he gave when receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957, and while the bulk of the material included is concerned with the attainment of world peace in the face of the countless contemporary dilemmas, there is also a section devoted to Canadian issues, especially the on-the-surface cordial, but nevertheless uncertain, relationship she has with the United States. The problems of education also come in for some serious attention, and the final piece is a brief but very moving tribute to John F. Kennedy. Mr. Pearson's public papers have style, wit, erudition, but above all a great simplicity of manner. As the ""skeptical idealist"" he has been termed, he can state an idea with quiet, even humble, persuasion. At all times his great personal charm is manifest.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1964
Publisher: odd, Mead