BIG BROTHER by Laura Bannon
Kirkus Star


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Dick solves an unusual and exciting problem for little sister Sally, Mrs. Green and the tall boy in this engaging story by the author of Watchdog and Baby Roo. First Sally's doll fell in the river, then Mrs. Green's umbrella, then the tall boy's jacknife. If Dick and Sally had not bought all the shoestrings the peddler had with the silver dollar they found, the problem of how to rescue the doll, umbrella and knife would never have been solved. But Mrs. Green didn't laugh at them for buying the shoe strings, and as the tall boy said, ""It's not what you buy that matters. It's the way you use it"" -- a pertinent lesson in values. Again the illustrations, in full color and blue and white have a vigor of design and color, but again unfortunately, the humans look flat and limp. Here and there are borders striped with blue and bright colors. Large type and simple words make this suitable for second year readers.

Publisher: Whitman