RAVENBURN by Laura Black
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Following up the first-novel success of Glendraco and heroine Kirstie Drummond (who makes a cameo appearance here), Black has created another charmer: tomboy Katie lrvine, who swims lakes, climbs cliffs, birdwatches, and reads deep books instead of sitting in the drawing room as a Scottish Victorian miss should. Of course, she has been barred from the drawing room by a Cinderella-ish mÉnage of stepmothers, sisters, and uncles, who have stolen her money and convinced her and others that she is crazed. Katie's emergence as not only a reigning beauty (""the Queen of Scots"") but one who can click a teacup with the best of them, is due to the confidence-building ministrations of Robbie, the fascinating stranger-poacher whom she meets on the haunted isle that is one of her nature walks. Robbie has come to fulfill a mission entrusted him by Katie's long-dead brother, Lord Ravenburn, who fled the scene of a murder, Robbie and Kate become friends (she is passing herself off to him as a governess), then enchanted lovers, unaware that they are siblings. Siblings? Aye--Robbie himself is the ""dead"" Lord, of course. But are they indeed siblings? Why are people so anxious to conceal the circumstances of Katie's birth? And why is poacher Roby Beg murdered? And what is the involvement of Katie's noble suitor Killin? Read it and see.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's