TALES FROM THE FRONT: Real People Report from the Singles Scene by Laura & Cheryl Lavin Kavesh

TALES FROM THE FRONT: Real People Report from the Singles Scene

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In time to cash in on a presold market searching for meaningful relationships, two Chicago-based columnists gather lots of short and largely pointless stories of romance, successful, failed or indifferent. In a breezy--even windy--style, we are treated to report upon report of dating, waiting, mating, and breaking up. ""We like to think we have a special rapport with our readers,"" say the authors--and, indeed, their readers seem to have provided their best lines. ""If all I wanted,"" offers one, ""was casual, meaningless sex, I would have stayed married."" Meanwhile, we get from the columnists a lot of prose like ""while Princess Di was marrying her Prince, Ellen was playing house with her Brit."" There are stories of Blind Dates from Hell, mixed marriages (""she shops at high-class department stores; he favors K-Mart""), and just awfulness (""She sat down and in walked Chris and another woman. And not just any woman. Renee was the store hussy""). Add a cute quiz or two, for men only or for women only, and you get an almost reassuring, almost trendy package that has all the charm of a bad blind date. Kind of a distillation of True Romance brought up to the 80's with a pinch of singles bar psychology, this is less a self-help book than a Valentine's Day product. With no pretense of any depth, the authors seem to have opted for popular sociology for those who find the works of Ruth Westheimer too imposing. Sad to say, there's really not very much behind this Front.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1987
Publisher: Doubleday