TRUDI by Laura Cooper Rendina
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Nearly sixteen, Trudi returns to the New England village where she has spent her vacations since childhood. Filtered through her own extreme sensitivity, the summer becomes an enchantment which allows Trudy to face several crises without fear: her parent's threatened divorce, an abortive romance with a youth who is a little too old for her, and so forth. A really honest and direct treatment of marital conflict, a mature but delicate analysis of the relationship of the sexes, and a sustaining sense of the wonder that permeates the vision of an imaginative sixteen-year-old are in this book which, though not quite literature, is of considerable substance. By the author of such popular teenage novels as Roommates, Debbie Jones, My Love For One, and Lolly Touchberry.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1959
Publisher: Little, Brown