TAKE BACK THE NIGHT: Women on Porgnography by Laura--Ed. Lederer

TAKE BACK THE NIGHT: Women on Porgnography

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Pornography is the theory and rape the practice."" So, unequivocally, maintains this worthwhile if uneven collection of articles--which, at their best, directly challenge the finding of the Commission on Pornography and Obscenity that no connection exists between pornography and violence. Earlier, the discussion ranges from the boom in pornography (including child pornography) to the distinction between pornography and erotica (blurred, Gloria Steinem contends, because of the patriarchal emphasis on conception which both deny). Also in the philosophical realm, Susan Lurie views pornography as one of the stories men tell to cope with a fear of women: a fear often confused with ""what all humans fear from the mysterious forces of destiny--the forces that lie behind aging, misfortune, death."" Then, re-analyzing the studies on which the Commission based its report, Pauline Bart and Margaret Josza indict them for ""shockingly sloppy research""--specifically, for often failing to provide control groups or to clarify definitional questions. Susan Griffin also questions the ""catharsis model"" behind most of these studies, citing the danger of confusing ""the therapeutic experience with the experiencing of the symptoms of one's illness."" On the legal front, attorney Wendy Kaminer takes the position that legislative restrictions are neither desirable nor possible; and she recommends that feminism remain ""an anti-defamation movement, involved in education, consciousness-raising, and the development of private strategies against the industry."" With something for everyone concerned, a feminist sourcebook of academic and immediate interest.

Pub Date: Sept. 5th, 1980
Publisher: Morrow