DIGGER by Laura Joffe Numeroff


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Wanting a dog, though the landlord won't allow pets; appreciating the family's little gifts of a dog book, a plastic dog model kit, home-crafted dog drawings and clay sculpture; then watching the new landlord drive up in a neat old car. . . with three dogs inside: Numeroff gives this standard story material an amusing twist by making the father of the family the one who wants the dog. The story, told by the kid of the family, begins when Dad finds a picture of Digger, the dog he had as a little boy. From then on he dreams about Digger, makes up a story about a lost dog, and plans and hopes when he hears there will be a new landlord. Played out with a nice easy touch, the story is agreeably off-track without being all that far-fetched.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1983
Publisher: Dutton