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HARD TO LET GO by Laura Kaye


by Laura Kaye

Pub Date: June 30th, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-06-226794-8
Publisher: Avon/HarperCollins

Investigating the betrayal of his Special Forces A-Team, Beckett Murda knows he shouldn’t give in to his sizzling attraction to Kat Rixey, his teammate’s sister who’s way too good for him, but tensions are high, sex is a good release, and risk is second nature.

Department of Justice attorney Katherine Rixey is seeking refuge for a few days from a relationship gone bad when she discovers her brother and his betrayed Special Forces team are investigating an overseas ambush that saw half of them dead and the rest blamed for the events and dishonorably discharged. Jumping in to help where she can, Kat finds the prickly Beckett hard to get along with, but the heat between them is palpable. As danger ratchets up and attacks come at her and the team, she and Beckett give in to their sexual desire and share the hottest sex she’s ever experienced. At first determined to keep their liaison a secret, they both re-evaluate when they discover they have feelings for each other, but with the investigation hitting a critical point, it’s a complicated time to begin a relationship. And the more Kat learns about the key suspects, the more she realizes she has access to privileged information that can help, if she’s willing to compromise her professional integrity. As the team closes in on villains at the highest levels of the military and the private security sector, Kat’s own private enemy will track her down and threaten the whole operation—and as strong as Beckett is, he may not be able to protect her, even as he realizes he can’t be happy without her. Kaye wraps up her bestselling series with this action-packed story, highlighting her talent for alpha military heroes, hot romance, and an ensemble cast of characters who are unique and engaging.

A supersexy, high-octane romantic suspense novel that concludes the popular Hard Ink series in a completely satisfying way.