SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE by Laura Nelson Baker


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A High School tale from a writer better known in the field of younger stories, this deals with a recurrent adolescent problem-the move from a city home to a suburb (in this case the Minneapolis area). Diana's attempt to break with old ties and established loyalties seems for a time successful. Pretty and personable, she finds acceptance in a new group and attaches the current prince charming. But her old friend, Chick West, with whom she had grown up, will not leave her alone. Chicl was a problem, too thorny for Diana to handle. She refused to date him. And yet she finds inner loyalty sparked when Chick and a gang of boys crash a dance -- and this creates a momentary barrier between herself and Bill, the new boy. When later Chick is arrested, Diana is convinced of his innocence and bails him out. Her family come to her aid -- and Chick's. They try to set his mother, who had rejected him, on another path. And when Chick goes off to a new private school, determined to live up to Diana's faith, all is cozily settled. Diana still has Bill. The family basks in an aura of altruism. But-despite pleasant moments, and a better style of writing than found in many teen age novels, today's teenagers will find it unconvincing.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Knopf