QUEEN'S KNIGHT by Laura Strickland


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Maeve Rogers, college student, has inherited her grandfather's sad old farm in upstate New York--so she decides to spend the summer checking the place out. And along the way she (somewhat amusingly) acquires a platonic housemate/handyman in student David--who's hitch-hiking in his knight's costume (from a medieval-arts festival), having been thoroughly mugged by local punks. But, even with David around, Maeve finds herself shaken by the first few days in Grandpa's farmhouse: someone's been ransacking the place; someone scrawls ""Leave or Die""; there's a suspicious fire and other gothic assaults. What's going on? Is it just the mean pranks of the rough Prouty boys next door? (They're the ones who mugged David.) Or is someone after Grandpa's much-mentioned, never-specified Irish ""treasure,"" perhaps hidden somewhere in the house? And, if so, who? (Surely it couldn't be the nice neighbor-family on the other side, with a blind old father and a son who's sweet on Maeve.) Pleasantly juvenile ""frights in the night""--with light romance (no heavy breathing) taking second place to mild dangers and Nancy Drew-ish mystery.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1984
Publisher: Walker