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THE SAPPHIRE HEIST  by Lauren Blakely


by Lauren Blakely

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-5039-3569-3
Publisher: Montlake Romance

With a cache of stolen diamonds at stake, two strangers-turned–lovers and investigative partners discover that the fun may be over when their trust in each other is tested.

Steph Anderson and Jake Harlowe are working together to recover a fortune that her stepfather, Eli, stole from the hedge fund business he retired from, and, despite initial reservations, Steph is falling for Jake. That is, until a diamond Eli gave her disappears from her hotel room the morning after Jake stays over. Convinced she’ll never see him again, she’s surprised when he shows up to their next rendezvous and acts shocked at her accusation. Trying to figure out who stole the diamond and where the full stash is hidden—Eli’s club, The Sapphire? his fiancee’s art gallery?—it becomes clear that someone else is after the fortune and isn’t happy that Steph and Jake are in the picture. Problem is, there are also way too many suspects to keep their eyes on, and their continued roller coaster of trust/mistrust gets in the way of moving forward. Blakely finishes off the heist storyline started in The Sapphire Affair (2016)—and possibly begins a new, continuing series—with a book that never delivers quite as much deep conflict, emotional tension, or suspense as is hinted at and offers too many red herrings, unanswered questions, and quick resolutions to be ultimately satisfying. However, the sex is hot, the romance works in the end—once the lovers decide they really do trust each other—and the heist angle is lighthearted fun.

A breezy romance that may appeal to summer readers looking for sexy sun and fun rather than depth or intricacy of plot.