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GOOD NIGHT, BUNNY by Lauren Thompson


by Lauren Thompson ; illustrated by Stephanie Yue

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-545-60335-5
Publisher: Scholastic

“Cute” as an adjective only begins to describe this soporific litany of “nighty-night”–worthy objects.

As depicted in the soft and lazy watercolors of classic picture-book fare, a little bunny begins the process of saying good night to the world. First come the swallows and the red sky they swoop through. Flowers, a spider, insects, mice, and other birds follow suit. The bunny makes its rounds as the day darkens, giving way to a large, cratered moon above swaying cattails. Back in its burrow, the bunny, surrounded by its family, tucks in its own bunny doll, doling out kisses, hugs, and cuddles before drifting off to sleep. More than a hare similar (pun intended) in form and content to Goodnight Moon, this offering also taps into toddlers’ deep-seated need for comfort and clarity. Sadly, not all the rhymes are consistent (“Good night, bluebells and nodding pansies. / Good night, dainty dozy daisies”) or scan with perfect clarity. Fortunately Yue’s art’s delicate balance between cutesy and cute-as-a-button distracts from the occasional hiccup in the text.

Comfort and peace straight from the rabbit hole, an adjunct to rather than a replacement for Brown’s classic.

(Picture book. 2-4)