THE GARDEN CLINIC by Laurence Blair
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A supplementary report (based on the finished book) is due this valuable addition to your Garden List. The original report appeared on page 243, June 1st. ""Make no mistake"" writes Gene Simmonds, ""this is not just another garden book. It is a good one. Good because it answers all the major requisites of a garden book. It is definite and thorough in dealing with the well-known and not-too-rare garden flowers. The author's drawings show blooms, stems, foliage, roots, planting and pruning diagrams; spraying directions, dealing with pests and blights. What you need to know in text and pictures you can understand, whether you are rank amateur or baffled old-timer. To sell this book -- and now's the time, as well as Fall (when doing over a garden) or Spring (when laying it out) -- show the copies opened to various types of pages, and illustrate with actual plants and tools to illustrate the points.

Publisher: Macmillan