MODERN MEXICAN ART by Laurence D. Schmeckebier


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For the art student who would have a thorough background of the arts of Mexico today, this book is an essential, for it covers not only the two leading figures, Rivera and Orozco, but the other artists who have helped build the background against which these two have been able to make themselves world famous, and the younger school whose work promises to bring them into the foreground. Schmeckebier has treated his subject from a scholar's viewpoint; he has made no attempt to give an anecdotal, human picture. But he has drawn from the lives and works of 33 Mexican artists a theme which gradually develops a unity of thought, showing Mexican art as an art of expression of fact, of social import, rather than an expression of abstract form. An important book for the student, illustrated in half tone reproductions of 210 paintings, and with two color plates. The paucity of color reproduction will limit the appeal to those who want the factual content of the book, rather than to those to whom color is the dominant factor in Mexican art.

Publisher: Univ. of Minnesota Press