MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE by Laurence E. & Leonard Gross Morehouse


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The guru of good health is back with a sequel to Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week urging graduates onward and upward to even more spectacular levels of physical prowess. ""There is in every one of usa better performer than we are"" at anything from sports to business and sex. Far from new, the Morehouse method endorses the ancient teaching of Sanskrit sages: little by little, small improvements make big improvements. For example, in sex: ""If you have used one position for many years and now want to vary your technique, don't program a performance involving several new positions. Try one new one at a time."" More precisely, to achieve Maximum Performance involves a 3-stage, 24-week training for rebuilding tissues, stamina and strength--the same, simple exercises as in 30 Minutes but more of them and faster. And, as before, progress is measured via pulse rate. With famous athletes' anecdotes, tips for everything from coaching children to low back spasm, this how-to--however obvious--has the muscle of another marathon runner.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1977
Publisher: Simon & Schuster