VICTORIA REGINA: A Dramatic Biography by Laurence Housman

VICTORIA REGINA: A Dramatic Biography

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An importation -- published with too little sounding of trumpets -- and now comes the news that, almost surely, Helen Hayes is going to put it on this Fall, under Gilbert Miller direction, and using about nine of the skits, out of the thirty included in this volume. As they stand, they are planned for reading rather than playing -- and what an utterly delightful and original sort of book they make. Humorous in spots --refreshingly different always -- there's a haunting flavor of Victorian speech -- there's a wholly new picture of Victoria herself, as almost a negative force. Dip in here and there. Read Morning Glory just as a teaser and see if you can stop. The E. H. Shepard illustrations, the charming format, make it an ideal gift book.

Publisher: Scribner