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**The isolationist who became the strongest force for internationalism in America is given a permanent voice at the council table through his own words in this superbly edited diary and papers. Not only do they reveal him as a great statesman but give a most interesting and revealing picture of the inside struggle for world peace. Pearl Harbor wrote Finis to what he preferred to call his ""insulationism"", and- patriot that he was -- he turned every effort to winning the war and the peace to follow. The man rose above personalities and politics and kept those who could not do it in line, whether Democrats or Republicans- his one goal to forge policies for the long range good of the nation and the world. His tact, diplomacy, honesty and courage shine through continuously. His understanding of people and situations seems prophetic today. There was a Job-like quality to his patience and endurance under personal attack and illness. He understood the heart of isolationism and how to handle it. He sensed early the challenge of Communism and battled against it intelligently down the line. These papers should go down with the Forrestal Diary as a revelation of politics and politicians throughout the war, the birth of U N and the post war years when he was spared too briefly. There are inside stories of people, of conferences, round table discussions, battles fought on home, fronts, convention issues; there are the people and the events that made modern history, not only at home but abroad. A great man lives again in these pages- and there is, in the writing, a warm humanity, a down to earth value that makes the book -- for this reader at least- better reading than the Forrestal. Don't minimize its long range- as well as its immediate value. It should be read by every leader, every aspiring politician, every aware American citizen.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1952
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin