. . .KNAVE AND, THE GAME by Laurence M. Janifer


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From the author of the awful Reel (1983): nine tales, of fairly recent origin, about Gerald Knave: Survivor (he has made other appearances in paperbacks and stories). GK: S, however, doesn't so much survive as undertake not-very-odd jobs on various unmemorable planets. He solves a problem involving pheromones. He goes a-spying. He helps some pacifist farmers beat off a bunch of invaders. He talks about how an alien race, dying of disease, rejects human aid, and about UFOs. Elsewhere, he defeats a megalomaniac while refinancing an impoverished orchestra; helps some snaky aliens overthrow a vicious dictator; and out-cons a con-man who tries to sell him an immortality serum. GK: S has no personality whatsoever. The backdrops are likewise anonymous. And the annoyingly repetitious introductions (we're told who GK: S is, and what he does, in every story) should have been edited out. . . .Feeble folderol for. . .the easily entertained.

Pub Date: Aug. 28th, 1987
Publisher: Doubleday