TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN by Laurence Payne


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There's lots of brutal action in the heart of Wales--when Mark Savage, ex-movie-star turned shamus, takes on a cloudy, but lucrative job: delivering a parcel to a house called Wanthorp, outside the tiny town of Castellcraig. Once there, Savage falls hard for Julie Remington, the local vet; he gets shot at; then he finds, loses, and relocates a bloodily stabbed body. Indeed, Wanthrop soon appears to be the desolate center of some big nefarious operation--but who's the head villain? An unlikely candidate is Christ lookalike Michael Davies, homosexual manager of the local inn (who once shared Wanthorp with a long-dead lover). A better bet seems to be autocratic English landowner Colonel Hazlitt-Martin. Other suspects proliferate. But, while Savage reacts well in tight corners, his deductive prowess is far from impressive. So the result is a fast-paced story, with some sharp dialogue and a few funny lines along the way--all leading up, however, to the most unsurprising of denouements.

Pub Date: Dec. 7th, 1984
Publisher: Doubleday