BIRDS IN THE BELFRY by Laurence Payne


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Harry and Ob lived an unprepossessing, depressing Odd CoupLe existence until the day that Harry lost his Beatle boots at the movies but found Jennifer Love. Itappily enough Jennifer has a friend, the myopic Maisie who is attracted to Ob who is a ""Nutcase. The nuttiest nut-case of all the nut-cases."" So romance commences but is complicated by the fact that Ob acquires a deadly enemy in one Red Brody, a racketeer bully-boy. After Ob gets worked over, recovers, he joins forces with Boy Blue who hosts a motorcycle gang and friendly Fred Hearthbright a policeman to inquire into Red's suspicious activities. Harry gets dragged along and finds himself in all manner of compromising positions like having to play the part of a squeaky homosexual. The whole thing becomes a ""nut-case"" and is written with some nice tongue-in-cheek touches. A better-than-average novel about the zanier moments in London lower-class life from the comic gas stove in the kitchen that cooks with au inhuman scream to Harry Himself, a milkman who is ""not even a positive milkman."" And of course the ""birds.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1967
Publisher: Lippincott