GLOBAL WARMING: Assessing the Greenhouse Threat by Laurence Pringle

GLOBAL WARMING: Assessing the Greenhouse Threat

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A concise but thorough overview of how man has inadvertently raised the average temperature of spaceship earth, and what the impact of that may be. Burning carbon-based fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; the production of natural gas and the waste cycle of cattle release methane; air-conditioning systems and some aerosol propellants can release chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). All three trap heat from the earth, resulting in an increase in the earth's temperature. The effect feeds on itself: the warmer we get, the more carbon dioxide is released, raising the temperature still more. Results may include climate shifts, crop failures, and even coastal flooding as polar ice melts. What can we do? Build more efficient houses, use less electricity, develop more power sources that don't use coal, plant more trees, ban CFCs: all possible, all politically unpopular--and for every voice raised in concern, another advises a wait-and-see policy. Pringle has done his usual careful job of presenting balanced, clear information here: the handsome format--with large, open pages and crisp, well-chosen color photos and diagrams--is unusually inviting. An excellent resource. Glossary; index.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1990
Page count: 46pp
Publisher: Arcade--dist. by Little, Brown