THE DOUGHBOYS by Laurence Stallings
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Told by Laurence (What Price Glory) Stallings, a combatant himself, this, part remembrance, part research, proves a rough and tumble anatomy of the AEF and the million stouthearted Yanks who shook up the Kaiser like nothing since Wagner, is they fought for almost two bloody years, swamping in and out of foxholes from the Swiss border to the North Sea. Accenting the anecdotal, Stallings shows them: our boys held the Marne line, broke the Ludendorff-Hindenburg back, suffered the euse-Argonne agony, captured Belleau Wood and finally clinched the classic cut-off from the Rhine. Though it lacks the finely-wrought fascination of The Guns of August, it shapes up, nevertheless, as a bound-to-be popular companion piece.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row