VOICE OF THE LORD by Laurene Shinn


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The period of the last half century of the Kingdom of Judah when two Babylonian captivities and the destruction of the city of Jerusalem decimated a whole people is the rather confusingly presented in the book of the prophet Jeremiah- and in the . Few people pretend to master and it seems an odd choice. But then . In the also seemed an odd choice and was successfully encompassed (1959). So now new when China chooses the gloomy prophet, Jeremiah, one approaches Voice of the Lord with less hesitation. For this reader at any rate, while it lacked the verve and the earlier book, it did throw light on the drama of a vital era, and it cloaks the figure of Jermish with human attributes that make him more readily acceptable. Carefully and holding in the main outline to recorded events and characters, this is frankly fictional in the details, so that life within the city, the machinations of the court, the bitter story of the gruelling siege take on stature, and throw the light of understanding on the Old Testament text. Not everybody's meat- this- but readers who relish the revivifying of Old Testament history and story will like it.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1961
Publisher: Crown