THE HEART OF THE HUNTER by Laurens Van Der Post
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This provocative and eloquently written book is a continuation of the story Van Der Post began in The Lost World of the Kalahari- but he says that it can be read as a self-contained tale. The book starts where the other left off -- with the exodus of the author and his party from the deserts of southwest Africa, Bushman country, and opens with an account of the natural phenomena they encountered during a great drought which drove the game from the land and forced the Bushman from his home. The Bushman of the Kalahari, perhaps the oldest form of human life left on earth, is, Van Der Post , one of the greatest story-tellers of all time, and he relates, in a language that is full of perception, the central myths of the Bushman's history which he believes touches the essence of all men. He believes that the Bushman's intimate participation in natural events has great lessons for the ""civilized"" world where we suffer, he says, from a of the mind, knowing so much intellectually that we are in danger of becoming the prisoners of knowledge. The Heart of the Hunter is not an adventure story in the manner of the ?...but it is a more profound book.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow