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by Laurie Moore

Pub Date: July 17th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2725-0
Publisher: Five Star

A debutante detective must resolve her boss’ troubles to keep her job.

Now that she’s back from the dangers of Me-hi-co (Wanted Deb or Alive, 2011), Dainty Prescott is ready to resume her life of privilege at her grandmother’s Fort Worth estate as an esteemed progeny of the Fort Worth Rubanbleu. But Dainty’s Gran isn’t quite ready to welcome Dainty back with open arms, especially since Dainty brings with her Amanda Vasquez, a pygmy transvestite friend who prepares to make herself at home in Gran’s place. Dainty is shocked when she isn’t given a warm welcome—a welcome that is chilled even further by the news that her family sold her Porsche and her ex has a new girlfriend. To top it off, Dainty’s sister Teensy has taken over Dainty’s externship at WBFD-TV, a development that seems doubly unfair now that Dainty’s sprouted a news-watching stalker. With regular anchor Aspen Wicklow mysteriously missing, Dainty fears that if she doesn’t put herself in front of the camera, Teensy may replace her for good. Luckily, job security for Dainty arrives in the form of her boss Gordon Pfeiffer’s wife, whose corpse rolls out of a broom closet. Gordon contracts Dainty’s Debutante Detective Agency to get to the bottom of his wife’s death. Dainty’s certain she can solve the case and get in the good graces of former boyfriend, Officer Jim Bruckman, if only her relatives don’t drive her out of the country first.

In spite of being saddled with a nightmare family, Dainty performs admirably amid a sea of suspects.