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HOUNDED TO DEATH by Laurien Berenson


by Laurien Berenson

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7582-1603-8
Publisher: Kensington

Canine-loving compatriots take a vacation and solve a murder.

Melanie Travis, a relative newcomer to the world of show dogs, is bound for the Poconos to attend a symposium along with her Aunt Peg, famous breeder of Standard Poodles, and her sister-in-law Bertie Kennedy, a professional handler. Each of them is seeking a different kind of fulfillment. Pregnant Melanie looks forward to a weekend of relaxation. Peg reveals that she’s been chatting online with Richard Donner, a younger man with whom she may develop a romantic relationship. And beautiful Bertie is yearning for the spa. When respected judge Charles Evans gives a speech questioning the outcome of years of canine genetic manipulation, he instantly makes a host of enemies, among them Richard’s overprotective mother Florence, who’s smuggled her Chihuahua into the conference. Even Peg, who’s discovered a stray German Shepherd lurking in the woods, is dismayed by the speech. While searching for the homeless stray, Peg, Melanie and Bertie discover Charles floating lifeless in the hot tub. Melanie is implored by several parties impressed by her knowledge of all things canine to reprise her sleuthing activities (Chow Down, 2006, etc.). The amateur investigators discover several reasons for someone to want Charles dead, and perhaps them as well.

A thin mystery filled with dog lore that canophiles will lap up.