ISLAND CITY: Adventures in Old New York by Lavinia Davis
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ISLAND CITY: Adventures in Old New York

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The charm and excitement of early New York (1660-1780) sparkle with reality in five vignettes of life in wooded Manhattan. Focusing on the youngest members of five generations of the Townsend and Rikers families, the episodes recreate the fears, the fun and the fantasy of lively young New Yorkers. The book is spotted with pirates, and seers, with simple wisdom and foolhardy courage. Each episode, complete in itself, is linked with the previous ones by familiar names and locations. As the years progress, so do the settlements and the worldliness of the families. History is alive and moving. The chronologically arranged adventures create an understanding of the growth and patterns created by the passage of time. For those interested in adventure or history, the content is authentic and flavorful and the presentation is vivid and well-written.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday