COME BE MY LOVE by Lavinia R. Davis


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A really adult love story for teen age girls- with perhaps too much crammed into its pages to be listed as a serious novel...Jib, who has finished sophomore year at college has, through carelessness, left herself without any constructive plans for her summer. At first she tries a job as social secretary to the town's social climber and party giver in the country club set in the Berkshire town where her family had summered for years. They had never been part of that set- and she soon found she was being used in ways she disliked by her boss- and quit the job. Then she went to stay with some cousins, fascinating and intellectual, who move in yet another set in the same town. Through them she met a young man working for the U.S. Bureau of soil conservation, and falls in love and becomes interested in the industrial aspects of the town and the people. She works at gardening- does some reporting for the local paper- has her share in breaking up some industrial troubles between the mill owners and the working people. Throughout the story there are some realistic but pretty adult love scenes; the dialogue may shock some purists who like to pretend that young people don't talk as these (and their ilk) do. But girls will be thrilled by the handling of problems they all face, and feel that here is an author not afraid to show them as they are.

Pub Date: Aug. 4th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday