MARTY MARKHAM by Lawrence E. Watkin


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Because this author wrote one of our favorites On Borrowed Time we jumped for this but oh! what a bitter disappointment. It is a straight every day story of a boy who makes good in spite of being a spoiled brat, which is all very well, but how on earth was he allowed to exaggerate the boy's position when he first arrived at the dude summer camp ranch in North Carolina? We know plenty of kids of very rich parents, a few of them are spoiled, a few have been brought up in such places as Palm Beach and Newport, a few find it hard to get on with other boys, a few have relatives who are absolute asses, but who would send a twelve-year old boy off with mountains of luggage and a valet! Marty is a perfectly intelligent boy so he must have read some books or magazines; he could never have been so unprepared for the rough life. There are good parts about learning to ride, there is good kidding, there are well drawn characters, so it is too bad to start the book on the wrong foot. The author evidently wanted to get in a good crack at the over-rich from New York's Park Avenue, but we think that the effort has ricocheted and spoiled his book.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1942
Publisher: Holt