THE WAY TO BE HAPPY by Lawrence Gould


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The author of the syndicated column, on popular psychology, Mirror of Your Mind, tackles the problems of self knowledge, of handling situations with other people, of meeting those hindrances to happiness that lie within the power of each of us. His approach is definitely Freudian. He is a lay psychoanalyst and consulting psychologist, a former minister who found his mission lay in broader fields. Here he analyzes the scientific way to happiness through understanding. Much of his advice is sound and down to earth; much of it will shock the ultra-conservative for its frank approach to controversial issues of sex- in marriage, in education, in handling of the adolescent. He traces many causes for unhappiness to immaturity, moral confusion, sense of guilt. He approaches some of the so-called faults of personality and shows how they can be sublimated and serve as positive values. He attributes ""luck"" to mental attitude and control of one's own destiny. He presents the factors which will give security rather than insecurity. He challenges the value of success in material terms. Most valuable for many readers will be his frank discussion of marriage and parenthood; and his final section of adaptation to limitations beyond one's control. A good case for psychoanalysis-and a heartening approach to problems of mental illness and its cures.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday