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There has been no popular explanation of dentistry and obviously there are those so afraid and uninformed that they will endure an aroused molar rather than the dentist chair. The authors seat you there so explicitly (""the backrest and headrest will be adjusted to support you comfortably. . . You will notice that a clean paper cup has been supplied for your use"") that they do sound as if they were presenting the ""common dental facts of life"" to a child. Be that as it may--they explain the teeth and their habitat; the proper eating and brushing habits; fluoridation; the choice of a dentist; anesthesia; and the wide variety of therapeutic techniques down, down, down to root canal work. The contraindications are sound, but just how do you avoid grinding your teeth? In any-case, they remove the fear from the whole dreadful buzzzzzness so that you should learn to care for and conserve your natural heritage.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1969
Publisher: Beacon