HAWAII PONO by Lawrence H. Fuchs


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While not easy reading, this is a sound, factually supported, liberally oriented social history of Hawaii, by the political scientist who is Dean of Faculty at Brandeis University. Hawaii, first settled by Polynesians, then attracted an influx of Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos, soon to meld into a very mixed racial population. Professor Fuchs deals individually with the hardworking Chinese, the proud Japanese, the less rigorous Filipinos, and their status under the rule of the sugar and pineapple-growing American oligarchy. He also gives a balanced appraisal of the land tenure systems, of trade relations, of missionary work, of political activities and labor relations, all enmeshed within the various racial groups. With Pearl Harbor, Hawaii has become the victim of more modern forces, and, as an important post of our far-flung military installations in the Pacific, her integration into the Union was a political necessity..... Not for the casual tourist, this knowledgeable study is an important background book- for legislators, historians, politicians, and all concerned with the creeping Americanization of our globe.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World