TAKING LARGER TROUT by Lawrence R. Koller


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Post-graduate course in fishing- definitely not for the amateur or beginning fisherman, but for the addict who wants to take fewer, perhaps, but bigger trout and wants an inside track on information from the sportsman who has developed the know-how. This very personal record of a lifetime of fishing, high spotting those aspects of it which contribute to this know-how, combines anecdotal material with rather technical analysis of waters, seasons, times of day, time of year. He advocates an aggressive attitude, deep wading, flexibility of viewpoint as to which side of the stream to fish and when to shift. He discusses ways of finding the right bait for the right time, by examining the stomachs of the first fish taken. He recognizes the importance of not too rigid rules as to bait or lures, even conceding times when worms and live bait are better than either wet fly or dry. He shares some of his knowledge of making his own flies and lures. This for the fisherman who has had all the simpler books.

Publisher: Little, Brown