THE BURNISHED BLADE by Lawrence Schoonover


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The Literary Guild selection for October will give this its initial impetus among readers who like a picaresque novel of considerable proportions, a period setting in careful and colorful detail. For here, if emphatically historical, purely conventional in characterization, is a panorama of the internal turmoil of mid-fifteenth century France and the fabulous fascination of the Orient which had been opened to Europe by the Crusades. In the first part, this tells of Pierre's childhood, the usual experiments with the other sex, a drunken tavern fight, adventure in Paris,- and in the second half, of his activities as special agent to the Near East where he uncovers a smuggling plot, wins fame and fortune to be worthy of his lady love whom he rescues, on his return, from a nunnery. Plague, espionage, Oriental torture, blackmail, outlawed operations- all play a part in an historical narrative that is vivid, authentic in tone, a little obvious in synchronization.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1948
Publisher: Macmillan