ENGLAND! An Uncommon Guide by Lawrence & Sylvia Martin

ENGLAND! An Uncommon Guide

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An invigorating, informative romp around England with private views on public sights and an essential travel kit to boot. The Martins investigate zestfully the well worn routes and little travelled by-ways. First off, they give a glimpse of England as a realm, with notes on getting about it, its food, the place of sports and games and pubs, stately homes, currency, verbiage. Then they take on London-town offering six routes, oriented from Trafalgar Square, by which to walk and wander and take in the city. The third section of the book is devoted to ten sallies into the rest of England: Windsor, Oxford and the Thames, ""Shakespeare-on-Avon,"" In and Around the Cotswolds, Wye to Dee and the Lake District, Around Salisbury Plain, the Far West, the South, East Anglia and Cambridge, North to the Roman Wall. They pay particular homage to Canterbury Cathedral in a chapter that brings to life its great days and converts the reader to pilgrim state in an enchanting history lesson salted with architectural notations. From the most travelled spots such as Stratford, through personal loved and shared finds such as Sherbourne, the Martins meander purposefully, quick to tell of bed and board as well as spectacles. They provide a combination of common sense and uncommon sensibility, a packet of information enriched with historic and social asides, and embellished with personal sentiment -- in short, an uncommon guide, for the delectation of armchair and active wayfarers alike.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill