THE BIG WATER FIGHT by League of Women Voters Education Fund


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The League of Women Voters have earned a reputation as ardent and admirable activists who specialize in placing an armament of facts in the hands of the citizenry. Their purpose here is ""to broaden public awareness of the nation's water requirements and to stimulate the participation of informed citizens in making wise choices"" related to them. They discuss the problems of supply, pollution, floods and their control, planning, referring to representative situations the country over and indicating how they were handled. In the second part of the book a single large project, the SuAsCo (Sudbury-Assabet-Concord) River Basin study of 1963 and its aftermath (""group action after the time has definitely turned in favor of the long range view of preserving our natural resources for the future"") is considered. A final section deals not only with the facts about the problem but also with the tools and techniques available to solve them, about which the citizen needs to know in order to be effective. An exemplary contribution to grass roots action.

Publisher: Stephen Greene Press