HUMAN DESTINY by Lecomte du Nouy


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This book could be the blueprint for the ""brave, new world"", taking both adjectives seriously. The author who is philosopher, physicist and religionist, describes our moribund civilization, with its unbalanced mechanical progress and human demoralization The urgent necessity for a return to the dignity of human morals is developed through the history and facts of evolution, even to this atomic age. God, giving man the breath of life gave him also the final freedom- of the will- and a conscience, or sense of responsibility for the world he inherited. No individual human is seen as indispensable, but exceedingly useful according to the extent of his will to the good. There are implications for new emphases in educating the moral sense of children; Truth, whole and pure, taught throughout the world would cancel totalitarian ideas. The way to human solidarity is by the search and respect for individual dignity. Man becomes co-worker with the Creator; the collective conscience will demand and secure world peace. This is not simple reading, but engrossing to the average intelligence willing to plough the furrows of truth.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1947
Publisher: Longmans, Green