PRIVATE EYES: Adventures With the Saturday Gang by Lee Kingman

PRIVATE EYES: Adventures With the Saturday Gang

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Mystery and intrigue flow in all directions on water and dry land around Clam Cove, a fishing port on the East Coast. First aware of the sleuthing opportunities and first to poke and probe into the odd course of events are the members of the Saturday Gang, (The Saturday Gang, 1961, p. 538, J-188) led by twelve-year-old Teddy Tibbets. The Clam Cove fishermen stand firmly against a group of newcomers who want to ""reshape"" the cove around a swank marina. Viciously torn fishing nets and stolen paintings plus the presence of some unknown ruffians arouse the suspicions of the police, who with Teddy, fit the complex pieces together. Above average mystery, it's all about boys and stuffed with boyish excitement.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1964
Publisher: Doubleday