SHEEP AHOY by Lee Kingman


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The sheep is a silly animal and those who must deal with them are often reduced to silly postures. This quality has been exploited here:-- in order to get rid of cat-briars, sheep are acquired and their shelter, fencing, herding, and continual demanding care affect the Simpson family's whole way of life. Suzi, the seven year old daughter does her best with them, but they drive her mother to the wall, her father to ever more elaborate plans and her four brothers to a frenzy of sheep-silly activities. On the credit side -- the book is simply written but the dialogue has not been flattened by this approach. On the debit side -- there is the flavor of the TV situation comedy here -- bumbling father, wry mother, dopey dog, wholesome children and the eternal pressure to cope with something.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1963
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin