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If the entire Confidential series (begun with Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer in New York Confidential) is not suspect from every point of view (even those readers looking for salacious material hardly got their money's worth) there can be no question about the series' saleability. This latest ""expose"", written along the same lowdown lines as the earlier books, is little more than a desperate attempt to wrest what mileage there may be left from a fatigued and fatiguing enterprise. Lee Mortimer undertakes to indict modern woman in general and the American woman in particular and he tries to do this by demonstrating that women are happiest when they ""can kick a guy around"" and in devoting themselves in general to the emasculation of the men in their lives. Within this misogynous framework he talks about the women in showbusiness, in ""modeling"", in public life, in the ladies' clubs, in crime, in uniform on the farm, etc., etc. Part Two is more general and is mainly concerned with descriptions of the opportunities for locating narcotics and illicit sex in Europe, the Near East, the Orient and the South Pacific along with Mortimer's comparative analysis of the worth of ""ladies"" 'round the globe and where they may be sought out. There's nothing confidential about his stories of notorious gangsters' girls, famous strippers, Lesbians or sex in the suburbs. The average reader of newspapers and novels knows it all already. Far from being shocking- or even titillating- Women Confidential is a shabby fraud, made all the more dreary by Mortimer's dim wit.

Pub Date: Nov. 21st, 1960
Publisher: Messner