BELIEVE IN SPRING by Lee Priestley


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Forced to leave Texas in 1865 because of Mr. Randall's poor health, the Randall family headed reluctantly for the rugged territory of New Mexico. Seventeen year old Varina resented the threat of Indians, the rough clothes, the dust, while King Slocum, a wealthy cattle owner, served as foundation for her to build luxuriant dreams on-- dreams of sitting on satin pillows for removed from the bitter frontier life. However, true love marched in when she met Grady, an army man; she still thought of King, but -- as every reader will realize ahead of Varina's voiced decision-- eventually she gave in to romance. Melodrama stalks night and day, sometimes in the company of Indians and sometimes with one of Varina's suitors; the end result is a view of the Old West familiar to movie goers and TV fans.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1964
Publisher: Messner