STRANGE EXPERIENCE: The Autobiography of a Hexenmeister by Lee R. Gandee

STRANGE EXPERIENCE: The Autobiography of a Hexenmeister

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Mr. Gandee is a son of a witch and God knows what else -- born this time round in the Holy Rolling country of West Virginia of other doubtful paternal origins. Thus early on he had dreams of the Black Man (""The Black Man is a Negro savage who symbolizes to the white subconscious all that is animal and instinctive in civilized man""), and the Black Nun, and growing up he had some strange body-mind conflicts -- namely his love for Stud versus the ""chaste, unspotted bed"" of Darkie. In fact this whole relationship with Stud not only confuses his marriage, at first, but also the book which is presumably his mongrel synthesis of Christian Science, magic, Norse and Other myth, spiritualism, astrology, faith healing and assorted aspects of his own Hexenmeistery or Pow-Wowing. Like dreams, fits, inflowings, incantations, reincarnations, trances and what not -- he even ""used"" himself to annihilate the pain when he was covered with burns the size of fifty-cent pieces. At one point Gandee thought of becoming an English teacher but hit sure don't show that he had the power because one kind of spelling he ain't up to. In fact this is all to be taken with a pinch of Epsom Salts -- anything short of a dose.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1971
Publisher: Prentice-Hall