VENUS BOY by Lee Sutton


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Venus in the future is described in fantastic terms in a science-fiction-fantasy for younger readers. There is a colony of earth people established on Venus. Among the children, 12 year old Johnny Watson is the first to have been born in the new settlement, and the first human to come to understand the clicking language of Venusian marvas of blue bears, whose jewelled claws are of great value in the making of plastics. When Johnny and Baba, his pet blue bear, take it upon themselves to undermine a tyrannical gang of traders who want to capture all the blue bears and hence to continue the great enmity between men and all Venusian animals- the results of the boy's ability to communicate brings a new friendship and a new alliance that helps oust the traders and bring a ""peaceable kingdom"" to Venus.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard