ONLY ON FRIDAY by Lee Torrance


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Adultery as situation comedy, British-style--strained and flat. Businessman Charles has a hotel romp with secretary June on Friday nights, but this Friday June suddenly departs, having remembered it's her mum's birthday. So Charles goes home early, and, finding his house locked, he climbs a ladder to the bedroom window and sees wife Clarissa flagrante delicto with colleague Fabian: Charles falls from the ladder (getting amnesia), while Fabian runs home. . . and almost catches wife Fleur in bed with June's husband John, student and encyclopedia salesman. That's the contrived, three-couple, round-robin setup--and Torrance gets little comic mileage out of it as the six of them stumble over each other in imitation-French-farces (hiding in closets, misunderstandings, etc.), uncovering all the infidelities and pairing off anew (Fleur with hospitalized Charles, Fabian with June, John with Clarissa) before going back to their original spouses. Nor does Charles' temporary amnesia produce anything but tired gags. Thoroughly vulgar (though never porno-explicit), uncommonly tedious--an import that should have been allowed to stay home.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1980
Publisher: St. Martin's