HEIRS OF THE GODS: A Space Age Interpretation of the Bible by Lee & Vivianne Cervantes Gladden Gladden

HEIRS OF THE GODS: A Space Age Interpretation of the Bible

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Scripture for Star Wars fans. Two lapsed fundamentalists from Southern California are casually paging through their Gideons' Bible in a motel one night, when they get zapped by the Spirit. Five years later, after total immersion in Hebrew, Greek, theology, futurology, and popular science, they come out with a fantastic visionary tract which is by turns hilarious, intriguing, and absurd. For the Gladdens, the Bible proves, among other things, that: a) the Celestials (Jehovah and the angels) once walked this earth and are due to return, sometime before the year 2030, from their headquarters on the planet Mazzaroth (see Job: 38:32); b) Jesus was cloned by the imposition of ""Jehovah's DNA blueprint on the genetic material of [the virgin's] womb""; c) UFOs are actually spacecraft manned by fallen Celestials, who work out of secret undersea bases in the Bermuda triangle; d) Adam and Eve were not the first humans, but super-beings created by Celestial surgery on an already existing stock c. 35,000 B.C.; e) the biblical cherubim were robots, Ezechiel's ""living creatures"" were ""atmospheric entry craft of advanced design,"" and the book of Revelation deals with a televised ceremony (how else explain the ""sea of glass""?). And on and on, for 300 pages. When misunderstanding reaches this level, it becomes a kind of inspiration. Ideal for trekkies, spaced-out clergymen, and jaded atheists.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1978
Publisher: Rawson, Wade--dist. by Atheneum