SILVER YANKEE by Lee Wyndham


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Perk, the twelve year old daughter of an expert on Americana, is the center of a story with a rather distastefully commercial theme that is set on a South Carolina Plantation. Perk's father, Mr. Hilton, is commissioned by the Plantation Silver Company, a wealthy eastern concern, to renovate the Pomeroy estate as an advertising promotion plan for Plantation Silverware. Old Mrs. Pomeroy, forced to let her home be taken over as the only means of salvaging it, is leery of the newcomers and still in a Civil War frame of mind. So are her two grandchildren, particularly Lorrie, the one who is Perk's contemporary. They scrap their way through the reconstruction, mostly over long dead north-south issues, but in the end things are patched up for the opening lawn party complete with period costumes.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1953
Publisher: Winston