BOLD GALILEAN by Legotte Blythe


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This was reported, P. 515, in the Religious Book supplement. Probably we were in error in placing it there, where many bookshops- and some libraries- might miss it as a general trade book...This novel of the time of Christ revolves around the fortunes of three Roman citizens in Palestine. The paths of all three cross that of Jesus in one way or another, and, in a sense, the Master is the central figure of the story. While the accounts given of the life and teachings of Jesus are reverent and follow the Gospel version, there is little that is new insight into the significance of Christ, and some will question the interpretation put upon the story of the Magdalen. The author is at his best in describing the life of the Roman occupying forces. The description of Salome's dance for the head of John the Baptist is the most vivid writing in the book. The story is sure to be compared to The Robe. Frankly we don't feel it has the emotional pull-though many who liked The Robe will turn with interest to this. It may have a substantial Christmas sale.

Publisher: Univ. of N. Carolina Press