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What was so special about the Norwegian atmosphere to cause engine fires in so many of the aircraft that Squadron 317 took up? Captain Robertson, Chief Technician of the Squad, was a patient if not popular supervisor. His sensitivity to jet aircraft unearthed many technical faults that even his most skilled contemporaries had not been able to determine. But now he was up against his most baffling problem. His investigations with the Crash Commission, hazardous enough in themselves as men on skis battle the snowy mountains of Norway to the scene of a wreck, lead to no positive results, depressing the morale of the entire Squadron. Then placing their own lives in jeopardy at the suggestion of Geir, both men take up the aircraft, allow it to become iced and notice what initiates the fire. This daring risk, fortunately accomplished with success, provides the answer. With the insight and information of one who has experienced parachute jumps, take-offs, crash landings, rescues and many more dangerous ventures in flight, and with some of the perseverance and high standards of his hero, the author takes us behind the scenes for an authentic, succinct view of what really goes on. Boys and some girls who will enjoy this will be doubly grateful for the absence of ""sabotage"".

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace