QUIET BOY by Lela & Rufus Waltrip
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A beautifully told authentic-flavored story of a modern Navajo boy who bridges the gap between two cultures and finds his place in the world. Typically American and ancient Indian elements run parallel in Quiet Boy's life. He attends school, his hogan holds several modern appliances, his Marine father died courageously in World War II. Indian customs like nut hunting, horse racing, fashioning handicrafts and sheepherding are also rooted in his existence. Tall Boy and Black Chiddi resent the white man, but Quiet Boy is aware of the assistance the white man has provided. With Quiet Boy's guidance, helicopters and planes locate isolated Indian hogans stranded in a severe blizzard. The young Indian is praised for his bravery and is at last invited to join the Tribal Council. Then Black Chiddi is arrested for stealing from the tribe, Tall Boy understands his mistakes. The realization that a person's worth transcends racial lines endows Quiet Boy and his reader with greater wisdom. An illuminating story calculated to ween youngsters from their steady diet of ""commercial"" Indians.

Publisher: Longmans, Green